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Heart Headcanons

Born with it, or cursed?

Ever since she was young Crisis had heart problems. Working at 50% capacity, the child was weak and frail, though she tried stubbornly not to let it show which often led her to becoming exhausted at the end of each day. While it didn’t prove fatal, her condition was aggravated when her mother tried to murder her at the tender age of seven, leaving her heart in a state of constant hypertension. It would continue to overwork itself, growing a few sizes to compensate; as a result Crisis was placed on a waiting list for a heart transplant.

The heart is not so easily changed.

Up until her adolescence, Crisis had been careful of her condition and never starting fights, but being sure to finish them quickly. A combination of stress, endangerment and injury caused her condition to worsen, leaving her hospitalized and in critical condition. It would be up to her legal guardian to choose what would be her fate: submit to an experimental patch up job or die where she laid. The choice was made; she would live on borrowed time.

A new technology was developed using a materia. Normally a restorative would have been used, but as the staff were strapped for their key component at the time, they used what they had handy. A basic Blizzard materia. Being as it had the strongest capabilities out of all the available basics they had, it was placed in a special pace maker and placed into Crisis’ chest to help her stay alive. A temporary solution until they found a matching donor to properly save her life.

There was the possibilities of complications making their appearance, of course, but nothing too drastic. The doctor in charge of the life saving operation had assured both girl and guardian that the procedure might affect her eye sight in the way that being exposed to large amounts of mako made SOLDIERs eyes glow. After some days in recovery, no side effects were shown and Crisis was allowed to leave, feeling stronger than her. Thanks to the machine in her chest regulating her health, she was able to keep up with even the rowdiest of SOLDIER 3rds.

Ice has a magic, can’t be controlled

Crisis began to show signs of having an innate affinity for ice magic. Originally she was comfortable using Water materia as her main offensive magic, however upon discovering that she had much more control over the size and form of ice, she readily changed her style to fit. In many a fight she would use Blizzaga as most shield and spear to defend herself and her fellows.

A follow up a few months after the surgery, the doctor found out that the materia currently in Crisis’ chest was growing due to her unconsciously using its power. And the more she would use it, the more it would grow and would cause what most knew as giving birth to a second materia. For the moment it was nothing, but only if she kept her usage of the materia to a minimum. Having no problem with this, Crisis switched back to using her usual Water and a few choice others.

However, it would seem that whenever she would experience great emotional distress the magic would manifest regardless. Usually in destructive ways and growing the materia within. Due to the seriousness of her case, her name was sped to the top of the wait list.

Worry about your hair.

By the age of 20, the life saving operation would eventually become Crisis’ doom. Due to extensive use of the materia (both willingly and unwillingly) the materia had ‘given birth’, but instead of a full formed new materia it instead began to grow as mako crystals around the surrounding organs, including her heart, slowing down many functions in her body. Due to this, she would be forced to stay at her desk unless it was absolutely needed for her to join a combat.

Because of her constant exposure to the materia without the use of medium (accessories or equipment where materia would normally be junctioned into slots), a new mutation arrived in the form of platinum blonde hair. A single streak of very pale blonde would eventually become an entire head of platinum in the years to come.

Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

She was only sixteen when they found her a donor. However, she had refused upon finding out that a SOLDIER was in danger of losing his life and said she would rather he have it instead of her, due to the two of them sharing a common trait; a match type so rare that it seemed a miracle they had found even one heart. She allowed the other man to take the heart, which proved to be a correct match, under the belief that she was still young and could wait a little longer.

By twenty-four years old, her heart would have completely been crystallized over.

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Crisis Core Era Headcanons

Crazy Prepared

  • After her initial days as a member of the SOLDIER division’s staff, Crisis learned that it paid to be crazy prepared. Why? Because every day at SOLDIER was literally a new adventure. If it wasn’t her figuring out creative ways to get people’s paperwork done on time it was Crisis making sure everyone had what they needed when they needed it. Files, medication, random weapons of mass destruction — or, you know, an extra pair of the director’s glasses.


  • After a certain age Crisis soon came to realize that she would forever be stuck with a baby face. Thus as she grew more into her role as a private secretary for SOLDIER Crisis came up with the ‘ideal image’ of a secretary. One day she took to wearing Lazard’s spare glasses and people took notice that it added a few years to her face, which encouraged her to wear fake glasses more often. And when the director was announced as KIA, she wore them in his memory. On a funny note, SOLDIERs often say she is channelling Lazard every time she puts on her glasses; they call this her ‘director mode’.

Lazard’s Jacket

  • Lazard’s jacket is her favourite blanket. Got it? Good. There is something in how much larger it is, how soft the lining material feels against her skin and just how much of the man’s scent is permeated within the fabric that makes her feel secure when she has it draped around her shoulders. Plus, it’s so big on her that she could use it as a makeshift blanket tent in the office.


  • To Crisis showing any weakness in front of a superior is inappropriate behaviour for an adult, so she often hides how sad or upset she truly is, bottling up her emotions and donning a pleasant expression. And if she can’t hold herself up any longer she’ll go find some place to hide while she breaks down in tears.

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Post-Original Game Headcanons

  • After Meteorfall Crisis opened up a rescue agency for SOLDIERs and other ShinRa personnel. Considering that the clients were mostly SOLDIERs, the small organization was eventually called SORAS.
  • With the organization growing SORAS eventually merged with the WRO, making  the restoration group officially a military operation. Being that she was one of the few who understood the SOLDIERs and their needs, Crisis was put in charge of them resuming her real name: Shirley Kain.
  • Having a terrible illness since birth, her condition worsens steadily over the course of time beginning at Meteorfall right until the battle against Deepground at the Midgar ruins. Her condition is so bad that her hair has lost much of its pigment, leaving her with platinum blonde locks just bordering on white; the cause is a tumour in her brain which cannot be removed.
  • Director Kain has made it her solemn oath to bring all of her SOLDIERs home safe and sound. Until she’s sure she’s found all the living ones she won’t be able to rest in peace and trudges onward despite feeling incredibly ill.
  • Just before the assault on WRO headquarters Director Kain fell into a coma and was put into stasis in order to heal. However, it is declared that she won’t last very long and her consciousness would eventually slip into the Lifestream. Which is does, though with her body being kept alive and her will to live on very strong, her mind does not dissolve as it should once it reaches the Lifestream.
  • An odd adventure happens in the Lifestream wherein Director Kain resumes her younger form to help lead out a certain someone back to the land of the living on the physical plane of the Planet. Upon almost reaching their objective Kain’s mind returns to her body so that she and her companion can once again meet face-to-face before she expires. Upon meeting the one she led back ‘home’ Director Kain is able to leave the Planet in peace knowing she brought everyone ‘home’.

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Tidbit #3 - The First Love

Thyra Vanus. Lovely, demure and elegant; she was the epitome of a young woman raised in an upper-class family. She was a slave to her own curiosities and always getting her way. While she never had tantrums when things did not turn out the way she wanted them to, the girl was not above scheming to win her way. While it is not as awful as it sounds, her selfish wishes have caused nothing, but trouble for Crisis since the day they first met. Thyra played the victim and the damsel very well, catering to young Crisis’ need to protect and become accepted by her peers; on the flip side, Thyra was also responsible for bringing Crisis’ more warm side out into the open, therefore making the sweet Crisis of today. Thyra was many things behind her pretty face; conniving and self-serving, but at the end she really did care for Miss Shirley Kain, confessing true love when they at last parted ways. Of course, she could not quite let go of Crisis; if she had to leave, she would extract one promise from her so that her memory would never fade in the other’s heart.

If you love me,” Thyra spoke, “then prove to me the depths of your love the next time we meet.

I’ll grow out my hair. The longer it is, the more you’ll know that I care for you.”

And Thyra smiled an angelic smile, back then, sure that she would have her clutches within the other girl for a very, very, very long time.

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Tidbit #2 - Loneliness

Being alone is simply a normal state for Crisis, to the point where she learned to deal with any and all kinds of loneliness by smiling as hard as she could and being a plucky, perky girl, lest she started crying her eyes out in the middle of a crowded room. Or by finding companionship with animals and monsters, rather than people, because people lied, they cheated and were terrible, but those of the more beastly persuasion were loyal and simple and were predictable.

There is also one more factor to consider why she would simply shove the feeling of lonesomeness to the deepest parts of her heart: she believes that — out there somewhere — there is someone even lonelier than her. Thus, she wanted to be an example of strength for that person one day. Who knew if or when they would cross paths, but if or when it happened, she wanted them to look at her and think that life isn’t so bad.

Of course, the girl tends towards her occasional breakdowns, but thankfully for her, usually when no one is around to see it.

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Tidbit #1 - Rapunzel-Length Hair

Crisis didn’t always have long hair. In fact, when she was younger, she could not stand having it passing a certain length. And at the age of twelve when she did already possess something of an impressive braid, there was the urge to chop it all off. Lengthy hair was a chore to take care of, started becoming quite heavy and just irritated her neck and scalp. However, before her departure for Midgar, Crisis ended up making a promise to her childhood sweetheart that she would grow it out to become more ‘lady-like’ and as a show of how deep her love went to her.

So the ridiculous length of her hair is a symbol of her love for someone very special to her and a connection to her past. And should she ever choose to cut it, it would mean she would reject those tender feelings as well as the type of person she would normally associate with this kind of hair.

There may even come a day, when her hair would be snipped right off, though not to deny old ties and old loves…but in order to accept a new one and to let that newborn love be able to grow without being strangled by the ties of her past.

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